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Suriname Redtail Boa #1


This Captive Bred Boa Is Approximately 48 Inches In Length. 

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  • Boa constrictor constrictor
  • CB(Farm Bred)
  • Approximately 48 Inches In Length
  • Also Known As True Redtail Boas Due To The Extreme Color On Their Tail
  • These Have Crisp Colors That They Retain Even Into Adulthood
  • Feeding On Live Or Frozen Thawed Rat Pups Weekly
  • Naturally Occurring In South America, But Primarily Out Of Suriname
  • Adults Can Reach Up To 6-8 Feet In Length
  • With Proper Care And Set Up Care These Boas Are Able To Live Up To 20-25+ Years
  • Boas Can Give Birth To 30 – 50 Live Babies At A Time
  • These Are Tropical And Semi Arboreal So Be Sure To Provide Branches For Climbing And Temperatures In The 80’s
  • SURINAME REDTAIL BOA  good pets?
    The Suriname red tail boa is a gorgeous snake that’s quite a joy to own. Not only are they quite fun to look at, but they’re low-maintenance with a gentle temperament! These are large snakes with some specific needs that need to be met.
    The red tailed boa, also referred to as a boa constrictor, is a very common choices as a pet snake. Red tailed boas can be easily acquired from a breeder, pet store, or reptile show and are identifiable by their red patterned coloration on the end of their tail.


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